Donate to deathful studio is trying to carve out a place to work in the bay area.
Rents are high, things are tough for everyone I know out here.
Finding housing, let alone a place to work on your own projects is difficult at best.
I am looking for some support to help achieve a space that will allow creative work.
I'm reaching out to you, my friends, supporters, and maybe even some strangers, to help out.
Any amount helps and is appreciated!

The Plan

100% of donations help fund the initial building of the old warehouse into a design studio.
Immediate funding is needed to help get this off the ground.
We have some saved up for this but am lacking a little bit for the materials.
There isn't a minimal or goal to reach, just any little bit to help out.

Thank you gifts

In return, I will send you special things that I won't be selling or giving to anyone except donators.

Depending on the donation, you may receive:
Stickers, Postcards, Prints, Originals, Handmade Things, Original Drawings, or more!

If you leave an email address, we will update you on the progress of the build and also any major projects happening that may interest you. promise not to spam since we hate getting spammed as well.

by donating, you are part of this and we are truly grateful and humbled by those who have the ability to help.

( If you don't want to be sent anything, no problem, just note it in the form after you make a donation. )

I want to pitch in to deathful studio